About Us


Lee Merritt was born from the idea of inspiring women to look and feel their best, one swimsuit at a time. From the ultra-flattering designs to the buttery soft fabrics and all the attention to detail in between, each was meticulously chosen to accentuate the best in women, while maintaining comfort and style throughout.

We believe one’s swimwear wardrobe should reflect the same amount of style, self-expression and versatility as the rest of their closet. Farewell to the days of swimwear limitations. Simple, yet beautiful designs encourage women to mix and match styles, twist and tie in various ways, and ultimately make them their own. We are all multifaceted creatures and our swimwear, like most things in life, should reflect that same notion. Available in refined neutrals, eye-catching colors and bold prints, our suits are sure to become a staple in your swimwear wardrobe.

While most swimwear originates from customary coastal terrains, Lee Merritt was born out of founder and designer Kelsey Merritt’s vibrant South Texas home of Austin. Parallel to the laid-back and outdoorsy yet stylish and modern vibes of the city, Kelsey has curated a collection that represents the feminine, free-spirited and fashion-forward woman who requires quality swimwear for a variety of occasions. From day to night, beach to street, our suits bring style to swimwear no matter what the occasion.

Life isn’t perfect, but your swimwear can be.

Lee Merritt Swim